Piers Morgan Defends Susan Boyle, Asks Press, Public To ‘Give Her A Break'

"Britain's Got Talent" judge Piers Morgan jumped to the defense of Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle after several British tabloids claimed that on at least two separate occasions, the 48-year-old was caught swearing and lashing out in the run up to the reality show's final round on Saturday.

"I picked up the papers this morning, and saw a load of headlines ridiculing Susan for a supposed incident where is said to have heard me tell Shaheen Jafagholi he had given the 'best singing performance of the semi-finals' and gone mad – [giving the middle finger] and shouting '**** off', before storming off to her hotel bedroom," Piers recounted on his official blog, referring to reports that emerged in the British tabloid media on Wednesday. "She was said to be angry because I, her 'favourite judge', had backed another contestant. Susan denies this happened, and I wasn't there, so I don't know what really went on. But I've seen the photos of her arguing with policemen after a furious altercation with a reporter who later asked her about it, and I've read the incredibly b*****y comments exploding all over various [Web sites] about her behaviour. And you know what? It made me very, very angry."

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Piers, himself a former tabloid editor for News of The World and the Mirror, stood up for Susan in light of the allegations, which a rep for the star previously denied to the U.K. press.

"Susan Boyle is a very kind, generous-hearted, lady who has had a pretty tough life. She was deprived of oxygen during her birth, and that left her with 'learning difficulties', causing her to be called 'Simple Susan' at school," Piers wrote. "She's only been able to have one brief job in her life, but rather than feel sorry for herself she dedicated all her time to helping her [aging], ailing mother until she died two years ago. She's never married, and memorably declared she'd 'never even been kissed.' But she's always, according to people who knew her well, been a fun-loving, popular woman who would do anything to help others, including devoting considerable unpaid time and effort to her local church and community as a volunteer."

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Piers, who went from British tabloid editor to international star when he became Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" and also served as a judge on "America's Got Talent," said he wants the press and the public to ease off on SuBo.

"Susan is finding it very, very difficult to cope, and to stay calm. She has been in tears many times during the last few days, and even, fleetingly, felt like quitting the show altogether at one point," he wrote. "Susan Boyle has never experienced anything like this and is like a frightened rabbit in headlights. I am calling today for everyone to just give her a break.

"She is two days away from the biggest day of her life, and all she wants to do is sing well for everyone and hopefully try and win," Piers continued. "She's not a mass murderer, a thieving banker, or an expense-fiddling politician. Susan's just a sweet, middle-aged lady from a Scottish village, who can't really comprehend the sheer scale of what's happened to her."

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