Pie Shop Caters to Musicians

Rumors that D.C.'s Dangerous Delicious Pies is in talks to acquire a liquor license were revealed to be just that when The Feast called the Baltimore-based shop today, but other plans are definitely in the works.

Part-time manager Jonathan Russell told us that the store is in the process of converting several unused back rooms into rentable-by-the-hour practice space for local bands. Details are still being sorted out, but the rooms will likely be priced at $30 per hour and be outfitted with a drum set and wall padding to reduce noise. They'll be finished and ready for rocking in about a week or two.

The inspiration, explains Russell, comes from founding owner Rodney Henry's personal history, who spent years touring with his Baltimore rock band, The Glenmont Popes. "Everyone here is in a band," he added. The shop, he says, has a "very strong musical foundation." Plus, they had extra room and figured, why not.

As for the liquor license, Russell says it's a possibility, but nothing to get too excited about just yet. However, some more fuel for the rumor mill: The shop is considering building out their back patio to create a new dining area and performance space for live acts. Pie and rock? Sign us up.

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