Piano Men To Play Nationals Park

But can they turn two?

WASHINGTON -- Two veterans with good hands, strong stage presence and range will show off their skills at Nationals Park.

Billy Joel and Elton John reportedly will play the first concert ever at Nationals Park.  But can they turn the 6-4-3 double play?

The Washington Post reported that the official concert announcement will be made Monday.  The Post didn't give a date for the concert, so stay tuned...

Last year's big Nats Park event involved the Pope.  His stay was brief, however, perhaps due to his lack of range at short in his pricy Italian shoes. 

Joel and John will also play at Wrigley Field on July 21 and at Citizens Bank Park in Philly on July 30 as part of their "Face 2 Face" tour.

Here's hoping those soft, smooth hands of the piano men will lead to bigger and better things for the Nationals after Spring Training. 

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