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Walter Grio wasn't looking to make a living out of his pictures. He attended a fashion and makeup photoshoot in Stockholm, Sweden in November 2006, and posted some photos online. They caught the eye of a couple of people who then requested that he take their pictures -- for money.

He considered the proposals and also considered the fact that he had just started in the business. A few hours later, he came up with this mission statement: "All the money from every photoshoot that I do will go to a nonprofit organization." The clients get to choose the organization.

Grio took that mission and created the website Shoot for Change, and now he's getting ready to open his first exhibit tonight in Georgetown. Grio said he truly loves photography and money would never be a motivating factor for his work.

During his first six months living in the area, he has photographed and supported a number of charity and non-profit groups, according to Georgetown BID. His vision is that Shoot for Change will inspire photographers, models, designers, stylists and others from the creative community to help change the world one click at a time.

Tonight's exhibit is at the Peacock Cafe at 3251 Prospect St. in Georgetown from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Visitors are encouraged to buy a $10 raffle ticket, which gives the winner a full-blown fashion photo shoot with the artist. Celebrity stylists will provide hair and makeup during the shoot. All the proceeds of the raffle go directly to the Children's Law Center.

Grio's fees start at $500 for a one-hour photoshoot for family and personal portraits and fashion portfolios. He charges $3,500 for weddings and corporate events for six hours of coverage.

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