Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves (Dot Com)

The cute backlash continues with a site that shows your pets at their most "embarrassed"

When we told you about the genius blog F*** You Penguin - which takes overly cute animals to task - we prophesied that after years of everyone nuzzling up to fluffy animals in tutus and fairly ODing on their adorability, 2009 was set to be the year of the cute backlash. (Well, we didn't quite get all crystal ball about it then, but we're doing so now. You heard it here first.)

Enter Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves. The site posts pictures of domestic animals being made to do things by humans they really, really shouldn't, like getting carted around in a backpack-style contraption, being dressed up as "Woofgang Pup" complete with foofy chef hat and blinged-out shades, or nuzzling up to Kurt Russell's chest. PETA can't really step in in cases of abuse by embarrassment, so it's up to you to shame these pet owners by clicking.

In related news, U.K. dog owners who dress up their pets could face prosecution by the RSPCA for putting their animal's welfare at risk.

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