Man Dies After Being Pinned Against His Home by His Car

DC Fire & EMS said it appears car rolled down an inclined driveway and pinned him against his home

A man was found dead Wednesday morning after being pinned against his home by his car in Northwest D.C.

A relative checking on the man after he didn't answer his phone screamed upon finding. A neighbor in the 2300 block of Tunlaw Road NW heard the screaming and called 911 before 10 a.m.

D.C. Fire & EMS said it appears a BMW rolled down an inclined driveway and hit the victim.

Responders found the car and victim in an alley where houses have rear driveways. They said the man had been dead for some time, possibly overnight.

Neighbors said they heard a commotion Tuesday night but didn't know what to make of it.

The police crash team is investigating to determine if there was a mechanical failure or if something else caused the car to roll downhill.

"It does appear to be an accident based upon preliminary indicators," Metropolitan Police Department Capt. Robert Glover said. 

Neighbors said the man lived there for 20 years or more. He worked for the International Monetary Fund, and his son had just left for college, leaving the man alone in the house.

"I think he backed into the driveway, which he typically does, and he must have gone to his trunk," neighbor Kevin Flannery said. "It was a little bit of an older car, and my suspicion is maybe the parking brake or something slipped up, but I think you just have to be careful at this point. It is unfortunate."

Police removed the victim's body but left the car in the driveway.

His family chose not to speak publicly at this time.

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