Perfect Holiday Weekend Weather

Though Hurricane Earl has sucked up the headlines late this week, there's anything but stormy weather in store for the weekend.

As the hurricane fizzles out over Nova Scotia, Washington-area residents can expect a perfect weekend, marked by temperatures in the 80s.

There is still time to make the trip to any of the area's beaches, from Cape May down to Ocean City. The temperature on the beach is roughly  the same as the water -- 80 degrees -- and there is no rain predicted for any of the beaches. The rip currents are still powerful, though.

Tropical Storm Fiona appears to be fizzling out in the Atlantic. And Tropical Storm Gaston is little but a ghost at this point, though it could pick up strength.

The mild temperatures in Washington will pick up early next week, with a high of 84 on Monday before the thermometer reaches as high as 90 on Tuesday. On Wednesday, there is a slight risk for showers.

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