Spa Week to Solve All Your Problems

Pay Someone Else to Do It

We're not ones to tell you to shirk all your responsibilities and just run off to the bar. The spa, however, is another matter altogether.

And Spa Week is running through Sunday, April 17, which means that if you have any chance of nabbing an appointment, you should probably be hitting the phones right... about... now.

Unfamiliar with the cheapy luxury that is Spa Week? Basically, dozens of local spas -- including Hela Spa, Piaf Salon and Red Door -- craft special mini services or offer discounted packages to generate interest from people who maybe don't usually make spa days the center of their lives (or budgets).

The deal is especially great for spa newbies. If you've ever wondered exactly what to DO in a spa, or why exactly you need that white cult-like robe, check out a guide to spa etiquette and an explanation of services on the official Web site.

Options include a 60-minute stress-relief facial at Millennium Medial Spa (4407 Willard Ave., Chevy Chase) or a 45-minute Stockholm massage at Hela Spa (3209 M St. N.W.). See the full list here.

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