Party in Pink Fluffy Unicorn Land

You want girly? Go to Shecky's Girls Night Out

You couldn't get much more girly than this if you tried. Unless "trying" counted as redecorating your apartment entirely in Barbie-cotton-candy pink and singing to the bluebirds that tie up your apron for you. Shecky's Girls Night Out is a shopping party extravaganza, when DAR Constitution Hall gets stuffed to the gills with racks of frilly dresses, Midori drinks, trays of teeny chocolates and, uh, "designer-inspired" handbags.

The event hits DC this week, running Thursday through Saturday nights, 5-10 p.m. Tickets ($25 in advance, $35 at the door) entitle you to a stuffed goodie bag that's well worth the price of admission. Remember getting a goodie bag at a friend's birthday party when you were a kid? Now imagine that goodie bag was stuffed with Rainbow Brite dolls. Yeah. It's that good. No word on what's in the bag this time, but previous incarnations have included full-size hair-care products, snacks, and on one memorable occasion, an entire package of AquaFresh teeth whitening strips, for that "my teeth look like Chiclets" look.

Most vendors are hawking the wares of up-and-coming designers at reasonable prices, but you'll likely also notice some heavy hitters like Ed Hardy and True Religion. Either way, you'll find stuff you're not going to find at the mall. And as for that goodie bag -- well, just tell yourself you've earned it with your awesomeness.

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