Park Needs Community's Help in Battle With Beaver

For months, park officials have been battling a beaver toppling trees and damaging the view at a popular Alexandria, Va., park.

The beaver resides at the pond in Ben Brenman Park, where at least 20 trees have been reduced to stumps.

"In the spring, when the cherry trees were supposed to be in bloom, they were being chopped down," said resident Ann Cardoni.

The beaver came up Cameron Run about eight months ago and settled at the pond.

"It really was noticeable when he started taking larger trees down at the park, and at that point, we really had to get a hold of it and say, 'What are we going to do?' and 'How are we going to protect the rest of the investment of the park?'" said Alexandria Parks Deputy Director Roger Blakeley.

It's not afraid of people and has posed for pictures, Cardoni said. So, a trap was set. But the beaver didn't bite.

Now, the trees are caged, surrounded by beaver-busting wire screens. Some were too low, and the beaver just climbed over, so taller screens were put in place. On Sept. 11, officials hope residents will go to the park to help wrap more trees.

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