Co-ed Co-Hab Shocks Stanford Parents

School accused of undermining "common-sense values"

Just in time for mother's day, an over-protective mom story.

Karin Venable Morin's daughter will have to take out a loan if she wants to finish her undergraduate degree at Stanford, because Morin refuses to pay for a school that would allow her daughter to share a room with male classmates.

Seems that after missing a room assignment meeting at her co-op residence on campus, Morin's daughter ended up in a room with another woman and two men.

Men and women sharing living quarters? Clearly it's against the law of God and nature.

Stanford officials refused to budge, betraying the school's desire to force all young students into sin and infamy.

So Morin decided that she would fight back the only way she knew how -- by refusing to pay those gender-bending hippies at Stanford another thin dime.

Even at the expense of her own daughter's diploma.

The daughter, for her part, thinks it's "no big deal."

In responding in the comments section of the New York Times blog post on the her mother's article in the National Review, the younger Ms. Morin wrote:

This conflict has very little to do with Stanford and gender-neutral housing. Is has everything to do with my parents having a hard time adjusting to the fact that I’m out of the house (I’m the oldest), I’m 3,000 miles away, and -especially- that I’m a liberal agnostic while they are conservative Catholics. The NR really should have looked into this situation a little bit before publishing that article.

Needless to say, she'll be walking the streets to turn a trick for her next fix soon enough. You know, like most Stanford graduates.

Jackson West is outraged. Outraged!

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