Paging Dr. Ross–You're Needed on “E.R.”

Clooney, Wyle and LaSalle will join final season reunion

George Clooney will join other former cast members returning to "E.R." during the long-running show's final season.

His role as Dr. Doug Ross was a career catalyst for Clooney, turning him from a journeyman character actor on shows like "Roseanne" and "The Facts of Life," into a full-blown movie star and director who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in "Syriana."

In an interview with T.V. Guide, Noah Wylie said that Clooney would make an appearance during "E.R."'s final season, making him just one of many stars to return to the series after long absences.

Eriq LaSalle, who played the workaholic Dr. Peter Benton on the show, will also return, teaming up with Wylie's Dr. John Carter during the season's final four hours. LaSalle will also be directing one of the remaining episodes.

Anthony Edwards recently shot an episode in which his character, Dr. Mark Green, was resurrected via flashback.

Absent from the reunion will be the show's creator, Michael Crichton, who lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday. He was 66.

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