Over-Privileged? Get the T-shirt

Celebrate Snoburbia with “T-shirts for the Overclass”

In desperate search of the perfect graduation gift for all those budding yuppies? Snoburbia.com has launched a line of "T-shirts for the Overclass," reports Bethesda blog The Thes.

Snoburbia.com pays tribute to the snobbery of local 'burbs like Bethesda and Potomac, intellectual hobbies and "elite" sports. (Lacrosse, we're looking at YOU) And ... well, you get the picture.

And if you don't, then get a vente latte at that Starbucks that's actually IN that Crate and Barrel (you so know what we're talking about) and then try again.

Snoburbia's blog covers all of the most pressing issues facing the upwardly mobile -- think parental soccer game sideline etiquette and the devastating impact of the recession on iPod giveaways at after-prom parties.

With the launch of the new T-shirt line, suburbanites everywhere can accessorize their seersucker shorts with T-shirts like “My Internship is More Impressive” or an Ivy leaf emblazoned with the phrase "I Got In." Pretty soon, these shirts will be giving Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines a run for their money. Warning to city dwellers: Wear these T-shirts at your own risk.

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