Oops! District Sends, Then Recalls Refunds

Many were not owed a refund

In a major refund mix-up, several Washington, D.C., residents in Ward 3 have been getting tax refund checks -- whether the government owed them money or not. 

Some residents got refund checks for more than they were due, and others even got checks for the amount of taxes that they owed.

D.C. Councilwoman Mary Cheh said that at least one resident who mistakenly received a check and cashed it now has to pay it back -- with interest.

The tax office has put everyone in a confusing position and needs to correct it, according to Cheh. 

"By all means, tell us what people should do if they're getting a refund that doesn't look right," she said.

Cheh added that she doesn't know how many people have been affected by the issue.  She also said she's worried that the problem might be widespread. 

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