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He has the ability to draw 250,000 people together on a beach in Rio de Janeiro on a regular Sunday afternoon. He can play to a sold out concert of 15,000 dancing in unison to his beats at the LA Sports Arena, but he can just as easily DJ an intimate house party in the Hollywood Hills and get the entire room up on its feet.

From Asia to the States, the crowds all gather to hear Tiesto spin. There are no cultural barriers to his music, Tiesto is an international star. The one thing all Tiesto fans love is his emotionally-charged music.

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To see Tiesto live is truly an experience; he teases the crowd as his music climaxes, and his fans go mad in anticipation for the next beat to drop. And when it finally does, he has had you waiting for so long that you burst with emotion jumping up and down, arms flailing, elated that the moment you have been waiting for is finally here. Meanwhile, the mastermind behind it all is up on stage, behind his booth, clearly enjoying the music just as much as you are.

He is sporting a huge boyish smile, holding on to his headphones, almost looking as if this is the first time he's made a crowd go wild, trying to take it all in himself. This is the type of music that has garnered Tiesto DJ Magazine's "No. 1. DJ in the World" title for the three consecutive years, a 2008 Grammy nomination for his album Elements of Life, and countless European awards.

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But despite all of his accolades, this global star was utterly grounded and down to earth when I met up with him in Los Angeles recently, just before he left to Europe for a busy summer.

He will be playing for 8,000 people every Monday night at Privilege in Ibiza, while also playing various shows across Europe throughout the rest of the summer. And for those fans yearning for more new hits from Tiesto, don't worry, he is working on a new album waiting to drop later this year.
And if you live in Los Angeles, you're in luck, because Tiesto is planning on moving to LA once he finishes touring in December.

What is your most memorable set you have ever played?


TIESTO: The one everybody always talks about was for the Olympic Games in 2004. I was playing as a DJ at the opening ceremony. That was very groundbreaking for everybody, to put a DJ right there and let him play for 2 hours while the parade of the athletes was going on. That was a really big thing. I was playing right under the Olympic flame. That was very memorable. At the moment I was super nervous 'cause, you know, 4.7 billion people are watching on the television. It is funny you think right now in Africa, somewhere in a small village, people are watching television and hear my music. That was really amazing.

Who are newer artists that you're fond of? 

TIESTO: I like a lot of the new indie bands. I just did a remix for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They're amazing. I like MGMT. I like Kings of Leon as well, his voice is amazing, it's a special voice.

How do the international crowds compare to the ones here?

TIESTO: I think in America it's much easier to play a little bit of everything because nobody is used to anything. In Europe , there are rules. If you're a trance DJ you play trance, if you're a house DJ you play house. And here everybody sees you as an electronic DJ; you can just play all over the place.

Favorite city to play live in?

TIESTO: Las Vegas

Biggest musical inspiration?

TIESTO: A DJ from Germany, his name is DJ Sven Vath.

Favorite location to get away from it all?


Something that you want to try that you have never tried before?

TIESTO: Own my own helicopter and fly around.

Guilty pleasure?

TIESTO: French fries

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