On The Download: 16 Frames: ‘Where It Ends'

For Los Angeles-based band 16 Frames, "Where it Ends" is the perfect name for an album that traces the perils of a relationship at a crossroads.

Front man Steve Sulikowsky wrote all songs on this debut CD and the therapeutic sounds found here are sure to resonate with anyone who listens.

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"Back Again," the album's first single, is about a break-up and it's hard to not keep repeating the song. Though none of us really want to be reminded of heartache it's always good to know that someone has been in your shoes. . .and can write about it.

"Daylight" is a great song of realization that should be the next single. 

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"The only thing I can say/Is maybe it's time to move on/In the daylight things are different/Maybe it's time to move on/Cause it can't be if it isn't /I've been stuck in this place for so long/And I hate that you are gone/I hate that you are gone/So maybe it's time to move on," Sulikowsky writes resolutely. Indeed, for all those who want to and should 'move on,' use this song as an anthem.

With Sulikowsky's clear and clean vocals (and a voice similar to Rob Thomas) and the band's soothing pop sounds, 16 Frames successfully accomplishes tracing that relationship at a crossroads. 

The band's name refers to the rate at which film runs through a projector. How appropriate that the CD also feels as though it has a beginning, middle and end — just like a movie. 

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Here though, we're not as concerned with the 'end' but the beginning of great things for 16 Frames.

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