On a Mission From God: Local Churches Vie for Obamas

With D.C. school picked, first family turns attention to church

If you thought the battle to be the Obama family's school of choice was tough, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Local churches are now vying to be the official religious center of the first family.

The Obamas are Christians, and there are many D.C. establishments who would like to welcome them in.  The options reported by the Washington Post:  Methodist, Baptist, United Church of Christ, Presbyterian and Episcopal.

Some churches even started wooing the Obamas before he won the election, the paper reported.

How's this for a pitch, as offered by Calvary Baptist in northwest Washington to the Post?

"We're diverse and multigenerational, we're 10 blocks from the White House, the pastor (Amy Butler) is from Hawaii and attended Obama's rival high school, and "the sermons rock!"

Would that win you over?  Perhaps.  But the better question is whether it wins over the religious spirit of the Obamas.

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