Octomom to Kate Plus 8: You've Got Issues

Pot to Kettle: You're black!

Nadya Suleman says multi-mom and reality TV star Kate Gosselin should stop judging the "Octomom" and deal with her own faltering marriage.

"It's done. I've moved past my 'mistake,'" Suleman — framing the word "mistake" with finger quotemarks — said in a video posted Tuesday on the Web site www.radaronline.com.

"She has her own obvious issues, internal issues, and she needs to stop partially making judgments towards me. She doesn't even know me," Suleman said of Gosselin.

"That's human nature. Tends to happen to people who are less educated," Suleman added. "I surround myself internally and externally with positive energy. She does the opposite."

"Kate's certainly not going to react to that," Laurie Goldberg, a spokeswoman for TLC, the cable TV network that runs Gosselin's show "Jon & Kate Plus 8," said Tuesday. "The octomom can say whatever she wants."

Suleman commented after being shown an interview that Gosselin gave on the "Dr. Phil" show in February. During the interview, Gosselin said she had great difficulties during the first year caring for her sextuplets and her two other children, despite strong support from her husband.

Gosselin had questioned the ability of Suleman, who is unmarried, to deal with her total of 14 children, including eight she had in January. During the interview, it is mentioned that Gosselin had about 50 helpers a week at one point, causing Suleman to scoff.
"I have, like, 10 helpers per week. Why am I not overwhelmed? Why is it not a chaotic mess?" Suleman asked.

"My children are extremely healthy, strong and happy. Don't you have, like, a lot of issues in your life? A lot of marital problems?" she asked of Gosselin. "Why are you so desperate to glom on to my life? For attention?"

Gosselin and her husband have attracted millions of viewers with their cable show, now in its fifth season. The series follows the couple as they raise their children, including 5-year-old sextuplets and 8-year-old twins. Its audience soared following media reports that the couple had cheated on each other. The Gosselins denied it but conceded their marriage is in trouble.

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