“Octomom” Moves to Trademark Name We Created

"We" being "the media."

Nadya Suleman, in a further effort to stay off of welfare and be less of a sponge, has filed papers to trademark the term "Octomom," TheSmokingGun.com reported.

She wants to use the word to sell "disposable diapers, dresses, pants, shirts and textile diapers," according to the legal documents posted on the website.

Suleman and her attorney filed the applications with the U.S, Patent and Trademark Office last Friday and also notes that she wants to use "Octomom" in connection with TV programming. She is reportedly working on getting a reality show.

"She doesn't particularly care for the name but she thinks it's a good idea to protect it," Suleman's lawyer, Feff Czech said on Wednesday. "She has a sense of humor about it. "

Czech said a Texas-based video game company called Super Happy Fun Fun, Inc. also filed a trademark application for the name. Its Web site describes a game in which players "press down on Fertyle Myrtle's swollen belly, and another adorable bundle of joy will be brought into the world."

Suleman, the 33-year-old from Whittier, Calif. first burst onto the scene as "Octomom," when she famously gave birth to premature octuplets on January 26.

If using the term "Octomom" willy-nilly becomes a trademark infringement problem, we could always start calling her "Decequatro-Mom" since she actually has 14 children. All of them were allegedly conceived via in-vitro fertilization.

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