One to Go: Octo-Mom's 7th Baby Home

Nadya "Octo-Mom" Suleman, the poster child of over-exposure and media exhaustion, now has octuplet No. 7 back home.

Hospital officials say Josiah weighed 4 pounds, 8 ounces when he was released Wednesday. The release of the final octuplet has not been announced, though Kaiser officials say the child is doing well.

Suleman has been a media sensation since she was identified as the mother of the octuplets. She already had six kids.

The octo-hype is so bad that cops have had to increase patrols around her La Habra, Calif. home after some childish fanatic threw a babyseat through Suleman's minivan on Wednesday.

“As a matter of course we have increased patrol checks around her home," Lt Fred Wiste of La Habra Police told, Octo-Mom's cyber home. "Obviously, this is quite a unique situation and all our officers have been briefed with regard to what happened.”

There's no limit to the list of potential suspects in the case, as Suleman has ticked off everyone from two former publicists, and celeb attorney Gloria Allred, to the charity "Angels in Waiting," most of her neighbors, her mom, and humanity in general.

"They have a unique way of using people," former publicist Joann Killeen said in the past of Suleman and her parents. "Manipulating people, getting what they want and moving on."

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