Octo-Bickering Video Posted Online

Angela, Nadya Suleman air their grievances on the web

Looking to watch the next great family drama but can't afford HBO?

Look no further.

In a video posted Monday on RadarOnline.com, octo-mom Nadya Suleman and her mother Angela (octo-granny?) argue about the pregnancy and the future of the babies.

Hot Excerpts:

Angela: "When you already have six beautiful children, why would you do this?"
Nadya: "You need to learn to let go. But you need to learn you need to learn to let go."
Angela: "So I will never understand."
Nadya: "You never will, and I will never understand your inflexibility and your inability to be able to accept and let go. Learn to let go. That is the biggest challenge that I have had in my life."

Angela: "...you know in the first place, you should have considered your other six children."
Nadya: "OK, but I was still going to use. I was not going to destroy the embryos. Period, done, done, done. It's already done. You can't go back and ring a bell. But you can't go back and ring a bell. You can't go back and alter the past. They're there. They're human. They're human beings."

For the full airing of grievances, visit RadarOnline.com.

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