Obamas' French Trip at Expense of Domestic Tourism

What's so great about France compared to our own U.S. of A.?

Sasha and Malia Obama will accompany their mother on an overseas to visit France this weekend. They will dine on soft cheeses and see important monuments, and then they will come home sometime next week, crammed full of fancy ideas about Cartesian philosophy and existentialism. And then they will be insufferable.

Question: does the United States not have hundreds of monuments of its own, such as the former site of the Berwyn Spindle, and Carhenge, and even non-automotive sites such as the Statue of Liberty, given to us by none other than the French? With all of these wonderful things to look at, why on earth would anyone feel compelled to venture beyond our own shores for any reason except for the occasional bombing run?

Barack and Michelle Obama have a chance to make their daughters' time living in the White House into a real learning experience, one in which they can explore every wonderful corner of our country -- from the boggy, bankrupt swamps of Florida to the abandoned lumber towns of Washington State, from the sun-baked stucco zombie fields of Southern California to the gnat-infested forests of Maine.

Instead, the whole Obama family trots the globe like a pack of common sock-and-sandaled Germans, heedless of the riches before them in the United States of America. Is this the right sort of message to be sending to the rest of the country when our domestic tourism industry is suffering through one of the worst recessions in recent memory? The Obamas have a golden opportunity to give some deserving state a much-needed boost -- and instead they'll squander it all on the Land of Soft Cheeses.

Sara K. Smith writes for NBC and Wonkette. She vacations in Provence.

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