Obama's Favorite Pizza Heading to D.C.

The Ritz is flying pizzeria owners in for inauguration event

Barack Obama's favorite pizza is from Italian Fiesta Pizzeria, a chain on Chicago's south side and south suburbs.

Now, The Ritz in Washington D.C. is paying to fly the pizzeria's owners to the nation's capitol for the inauguration expo to be held there next week to serve their pizza there.

A month before the election, owner Patti Harris-Tubbs got a phone call from the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C., asking if she would be willing to come to the nation's capital to make her pizza if Obama won.  She thought it was a joke, Harris-Tubbs when Obama won, the hotel e-mailed back, offering to fly her and her husband out to serve their pizza next week at the Presidential Inauguration Expo, which is an event designed to preview the food that will be served at inauguration time in January.

The owners said that Obama was introduced to their pizza by Michelle Obama, whose parents ordered it for her as a young girl when she got good grades.

Italian Fiesta has been family owned/operated since the 1940s.

It was featured in a recent article listing Obama's favorite Chicago restaurants, in which it was said, "Buttery thin-crust pizza comes straight from the oven tasting chewy, spicy and slightly sweet."


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