Obama's Afghanistan Troop Surge

17,000 troops escalating war zone conflict

One of President Obama's main campaign platforms was the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, but today announced plans to deploy thousands more Marines and Army infantry into Afghanistan to battle a growing counter-insurgency.

Nine thousand Marines will lead the influx of fighting personnel, followed by an additional 8,000 Army troops, according to MSNBC. The troop infusion is hoped to replicate the troop surge in Iraq that tamped down insurgent infighting and resistance that plagued post-Sadaam Hussein Iraq.

The extra 17,000 troops are just the tip of a deployment iceberg that could double the number of coalition military in Afghanistan. President Obama's escalation is just party of a strategy to counter what he judges a deteriorating situation in the country. "I'm absolutely convinced that you cannot solve the problem of Afghanistan, the Taliban and the spread of extremism in the region solely through military means," he told the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

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