Obama Girl Angling for Inaugural Invite

Internet celeb figures she's got another 15 minutes of fame coming

Amber Lee Ettinger, best known as the Obama Girl who sang a sultry paean to President-elect Barack Obama early in his campaign that was seen approximately 10 million times on YouTube, is hoping that she'll be invited to his Presidential inauguration.

And lacking an invitation to the White House, Ettinger would at least appreciate a note from Obama saying that he enjoyed her performance, which consisted primarily of her baring her shapely figure and cooing suggestively to the camera that she had a crush on the candidate.

Ettinger told Agence France Presse that while she was initially uninterested in politics, she's now actually a big Obama supporter and still has her Obama Girl outfit. "I've got my Super Obama Girl outfit in the back of the car!" she told the news agency while attending an election night event at a New York City restaurant.

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