Obama: President of Baby Soothing


During a recent White House meet-and-greet, a wailing baby just wasn't having it, reports Mediaite.

That smart little kiddo just. Didn't. Care! that the arms holding her were actually the famously well-toned guns of Malia and Sasha's mom.

But before the first lady passed back the baby girl, she handed her to the president -- and the baby instantly stopped crying, winning a smug look from Barack Obama and mock indignation from Michelle.

Turns out the executive office comes with all sorts of powers. Barack Obama could just be the greatest baby-soothing invention since the bouncy seat.

And the Democratic National Committee is probably skipping with glee right now. Odds that this works its way into a 2012 video? Darn good. (Oh come on, you know you thought about it.)

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