Obama “Disappointed” at Horrifying Lack of Cake

Fun Birthday Times With the AFL-CIO

Getty Images

President Barack Obama celebrated his 49th birthday with plenty of fun activities, including, um... meeting with the AFL-CIO's executive council. Oh. Never mind about the "fun" part.

Instead, it's the middle day the AFL-CIO's three-day training session. Obama arrived at the Washington Convention Center around 11 a.m. with AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka.

Trumka wished Obama a happy birthday, saying that the union had planned on singing "Happy Birthday" and cutting a cake. "But the Secret Service nixed the cake," he added.

The president said he was glad to spend his birthday with "good friends," and then took the podium for about 20 minutes to discuss the BP oil spill and issues facing the middle class.

"We're moving forward largely without the help of the opposition party," Obama said, referring to those Republicans who are blocking an emergency measure to preserve jobs of teachers, police officers and firefighters. They also rejected high-speed rail and small business tax cuts, Obama said.

Of course, ultimately it all came back around to dessert. "I was disappointed there wasn't a cake," Obama noted.

He then glanced at the Secret Service. "They're probably eating it right now."

We're hoping that among his birthday presents, someone got the president a copy of the book "I Was Told There'd Be Cake" by Sloane Crosley, so he can learn he isn't the only one to face this crushing disappointment of the lack of sugary treats... although last year's cake was ugly enough that maybe they'll just have some ice cream later instead. 

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