Nudists to Descend on Capitol Hill

Taken your nakation yet?

We have vacations, staycations and mancations. But have you ever heard of a nakation?

Yes, it is what you think it is, and nudists are headed to Capitol Hill this week to tout them to members of Congress.

The American Association of Nude Recreation is sending a team of buff enthusiasts (completely dressed, unfortunately) to meet with senators and representatives to tout the wonders of naked vacations -- especially during a recession.

“Even if you've lost a job or the shirt off your back in the stock market, it costs very little to enjoy your private backyard au naturale. Or to visit a legally-sanctioned nude beach or a nearby club affiliated with our Association." said AANR Executive Director Erich Schuttauf. "These clubs and beaches bring jobs as well as tourist dollars to local communities."

So there you go. If you build it, the nudists will come. Only God knows where they'll hide their wallets...

But there's more. Not only are nude beaches recession-free, they're also good for the environment. Think about it: Skinny dipping is totally eco-friendly. Unless, you know, the water ends up a little warmer than when you started...

If this all sounds good to you, the AANR's got you covered. For just a cool $74, you can purchase a Nakation in a Box, which includes:

  • The North American Guide to Nude Recreation: A 240-page guide to nudist things, like clubs and resorts to a full-color travel map!
  • A Nakation towel: As their Web site describes it: This exclusive plush, 100% cotton terry towel proudly announces that "I'm on Nakation." Available in sunshine yellow, salsa red or Caribbean blue.
  • One month of the AANR's full-color newspaper.
  • A window sticker.
  • Temporary tattoos, so you can cover all of those birthmarks, we suppose?
  • Souvenir gift box: They say it comes in a box that makes a great conversation piece and gives you a place to put your towel.

Or, you know, you could stick other things in it...

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