Nouveau Riche Mixes Up DC Dance Parties

Three DJs Are On A Mission To Change D.C.’s Nightlife Experience

DJ Gavin Holland, Steve “DJ SteveLove” Bock, and Andrew “DJ Enaisee” Wallace are the creative force behind D.C.’s hot dance party, Nouveau Riche. Holland, the event’s creator, states that Nouveau Riche’s purpose is to marry “as many genres and time periods of dance music in one night as possible” with the overall goal of diversity. The DJs intend to bring the music that people are dancing to worldwide to the D.C. area.

All three DJs display their talents during the evening, taking requests, and even supplying party goers with their own productions.

Nouveau Riche’s variety is not just limited to diversity in sound, but in its crowd as well. The events draw D.C. hipsters, preppy recent college grads, and members from local rock bands. The DJs, through their email lists, website, and word of mouth, have created a community that caters to its members while welcoming new people of all types.

The DJs utilize DC9’s three DVD players to create what they refer to as “video art,” juxtaposing unusual movies with cuts to music videos. At Nouveau Riche, the variety in music genres, video art, and cultural mix combine to create a sensorial experience unlike any other party in D.C.

Nouveau Riche is on the last Saturday of every month at DC9 (except for this month it will be held on Dec. 20) Visit for more information and links to their podcast, Riche Ryder Radio.

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