Not Just Jeans Anymore

Choosing Right Jean for Your Body Shape

Jeans are not just for bumming around the house with a T-shirt or a quick run to the grocery store

A good a pair of jeans can be one of the more versatile articles of clothing in your entire closet. You can go from shopping with girlfriends to a nice dinner with that special someone or even a cocktail party. But if they are the wrong style for your body shape, you’ll look sloppy and dumpy instead of sassy and stylish. How do you know which pair works for you? Simply follow this guide, and you can’t go wrong.

Pear-Shape Yes ladies, we all are very familiar with this body type. That’s a small waist and a lot of hips and bottom. To make your hips appear smaller, stick to dark jeans. Darker jeans will help minimize your lower half, and a boot cut, flared leg or wide leg will proportion your figure. The key for jeans to look the best, you should have a long hem line. Best jeans: Seven, Joe, DKNY and Gap.

Tall and slender Your goal is to give the illusion of curves. To give the illusion of curves, wear cigarette jeans or tapered jeans. Because they are closer to the claves they will make your hips looks wider and give the illusion of curves. Your goal is the stay away from anything too tight. Tight jeans will make your legs look even skinnier. Also stay away from anything too loose because it will not make your appearance look proportional. Hip-huggers and relaxed fit jeans are acceptable. Best jeans: Rock & Republic, Paper Denim & Cloth, Levi’s and Habitual.

Petite Your major focus should be to elongate your body. Choose jeans that are fitted. Jeans with a little stretch in them and straight leg will be perfect. Low rise and hip huggers are also OK. To give your legs an even longer appearances, have the hemline hit the floor and wear heels. Stay away from wide legged jeans because they will not improve your proportion. Best jeans: Banana Republic, True Religion Abercrombie & Finch and Guess.

Boyish Figure This is someone with a rectangular body shape, this body shape has the opposite problem as someone who has a pear-shape. Go for skinny leg jeans. This would give the appearance of wider hips and fuller backside. The boot cut is also flattering without giving you the retro bell bottom look. Best jeans: Diesel and Gap Original Long and Lean.

Big Bottom or aka the Bootylicious sister Watch out for pockets! Pockets that are too small, high or close together, or decorated can make a large bottom look even bigger. Also choosing jeans that have no pockets at all will draw attention to the area. The best jeans for you will be those that have wide long pockets that rest wide and low on your bottom. Low rise jeans with a flared leg will give you the illusion of a smaller behind and balance out your shape. Best jeans: Joe Jeans Honey, Seven, DKNY, Gap Boot cut, Lees and Old Navy Dark Denim.

Tummy trouble chose high-waisted jeans to help create a smooth plane look over the entire stomach. Just be careful not to have the jeans to above the belly button. While Button-fly or regular zip-up jeans are fine, don’t choose jeans that tie, have pleats or an elastic waistband, or decorated in front. These things will just bring attentions to the belly bulge. Best jeans: Gap, Levi, CK and Citizens of Humanity.

Full figured women Choose a traditional five pocket style jean that isn’t too tight. This makes the jeans fitted without being too snug thus resulting in a slimmer, tall appearance. A slight flare at the leg opening such as boot cut will also help to make your leg look longer. Dark washes have a naturally slimming effect so you should always opt for them rather than lighter washes. Best jeans: Lane Bryant Seven7 “Julian”

Another option is if you want the ultimate prefect fit or the Dream Jean as I like to call it, check out Earnest Cut & Sew located in the fashion capital of the world, New York City. Earnest Cut & Sew will make your jean, that’s right, custom made jeans. You tell them want you want and they will do it. They customize every detail from studs and buttons (e.g., skull-and-crossbones or 24K gold) to pockets (change the style, add zippers) to texture, dark and light denim. Most important, a tailor takes your measurement This whole process takes up to two weeks with a lifetime warranty. Price ranges from $300 - $500. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Maybe, but you will have it for a lifetime.

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