Northrop Grumman To Move To D.C.

About 300 employees headed to area

Defense Contractor Northrop Grumman is moving its headquarters from Los Angeles to the D.C. area.

Northrup Grumman has more than 120,000 employees around the world, but 95 percent of its contracts come from the U.S. government, mostly for defense and intelligence work.

So after a long review, spokesman Randy Belote said, the company decided it made sense to bring its senior executives closer to their primary clients.

"This move will enhance our ability to serve the nation," Belote said. "It allows us to be more responsive to our customers."

The change will bring 300 employees to the region. Not many -- when you consider the company already has approximately 40,000 in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. But Belote said the move will make an impact in local communities. He said he expects senior executives to play active roles on boards and in colleges and universities.

Belote said the company will name a specific site for the new headquarters this spring.

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