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Brit journalist caught drunk, plagiarising, volunteering for Obama campaign

A British journalist for The Birmingham Mail newspaper was caught on tape, slumped on a Miami sidewalk, attempting to file plagiarized copy for his paper on a laptop, and ultimately telling his boss back home F"*&@ you!"

British Journalist Drunkenly Quits Post

Adam Smith, who repeatedly identifies himself as a "hard news journalist" in a clip that appeared on YouTube, tells the person behind the camera that he has taken a week off from work to volunteer for the Obama campaign in Miami, Fl, "because that's where the party is." He goes on to admit that the story he's about to file is nothing more than a cut-and-paste job from the BBC's web site.

After stating the obvious that, "I'm a bit of an idiot" and "Obama all the way baby!", Smith then resigns spectacularly from his job by telling his editor back home, "F&*@ you, I'm doing what I want to."

According to the Times Online, an editor at The Birmingham Mail declined to comment on Smith's employment status, saying that it was "an internal matter." Smith himself now claims that he was just joking and had just finished an 18-hour volunteer shift making the world a better place.

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