No ‘Cold Shoulder' From Adele

Adele lent her impressive vocal talents to 9:30 club this past Saturday, Jan. 17. She treated attendees to a soulful performance hinting at a talent beyond her years. The strength of her performance came from the amazing quality of her voice, despite her insistence that she was hoarse from shouting all day.

The show drew a varied crowd with a full range of ages. The older attendees hung near the back and abstained from the loud whistling and crowded packs found near the front. Overall, the crowd was relatively mellow, preferring to softly sing-along and sway side to side over jostling each other in an effort to to reach the front of the stage.

Although it took some time for Adele's music to break in the U.S., the repeated "we love you" shouted by male members of the audience proved that her fans were not just casual listeners over on this side of the pond.

She broke up her song set with a smattering of light-hearted political talk, admitting to "a bit of a crush on Obama," and entertaining fans with her description of her backstage encounter with Sarah Palin at SNL. But it was her song "Best for Last" that really got the crowd going, with fans singing along with more fervor than when her hit single "Chasing Pavements" closed the show.

Judging from the murmurs of the crowd following the show, Adele will continue to play sold-out shows everytime she returns to the District. And judging from her love of our new president, she will be returning a lot.

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