NiteWatch: Your Guide to Where the Stars Were Partying

sophie pyle-640

See where the stars ended up last night.

  • Krista Johnson asked her Twitter followers to say a prayer for trapped W. Virginia miners and their families [KristaJohnson1]
  • Luke Russert hated on Duke [RussertXM_NBC]
  • It didn’t matter whether WaPo’s Betsy Lowther turned on her TV or not. “I can tell how the game is going based on the screams echoing through my apartment alley,” she tweeted [msspinach]
  • Dave Garber signed up to plant a tree at the District Yacht Club [DG_rad]
  • Did Makeda Saggau-Sackey end up moonwalking across the Metro platform as planned? [GlamazonDiaries]
  • Social media maven Sophia Pyle fled the District to watch the NCAA tourney with family [ophiepyle]

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