NitePics: N Street Village Night Sessions

Rocking out to Ro Sham Bo, Tom McBride and Evan Bliss at the Rock and Roll Hotel, hundreds supported N Street Village during the first annual Night Sessions band party.

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Nakeva Corothers/Nakeva Photography
This first N Street Village Night Session brought together three local bands to help young professionals in DC learn about and support the mission of N Street Village, a women's homeless shelter and recovery community in Washington.
Nakeva Corothers/Nakeva Photography
Tom McBride performs with the White Ford Broncos
Headliner Evan Bliss plays selections from his latest album and older favorites
Nakeva Corothers/Nakeva Photography
Bethenny's Women of Praise perform a special set including "Fever" and "Lean on Me"
John Clark
VIP lounges upstairs make the Changemakers concert an intimate experience.
Nakeva Corothers/Nakeva Photography
Alex Naini and Michael Ponticelli enjoy cocktails, good music and good times.
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