NitePics: Inside Art After Dark Bash at the Museum of the Americas

The Friends presented the Art After Dark party last night at the Museum of the Americas.

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Iris White and Jim McBride took a respite in the OAS courtyard garden during the Art After Dark Party at the Art Museum of the Americas Thursday evening.
Art and culture lovers from around the city came to check out the Museum of the Americas, a part of the Organization of American States that few had experienced.
Donald Syriani, Samira Georgi and TIno Angelov.
Canadians Ian McHale and Victoria Schwamer enjoy some culture during their trip to America's Capital.
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Some of the "Friends" who helped organize the event: Antonio Rodriguez, Andres Navia and Bill Farrand.
Cultural connoisseurs in attendance: Wendy Gordon, Matt Schwartz and Donna Donella.
Carissa Huckathorn and Megda Cardenas toast the evening's interesting musical and video art lineup.
Nicki Schwab and Katy Adams gather some good gossip while flanking Alfredo Flores.
Connie Bolger
Katelyn Gimbel and Elvis Stumbergs
Art After Dark Friend Organizers Nelson Lewis with Jessica James Golden greet guests at the Museum of the Americas.
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