Next Up: Turkish Tapas

Small plates for the win


Small bites are taking over the District, and the new Dupont spot Ezme Restaurant and Wine Bar (2016 P St. N.W.) is no exception. The new place -- opened by the Bolukbasi brothers of Adams Morgan's Meze -- serves up dishes that are essentially the Turkish version of tapas: lots of little plates to share. Of course, if you're one of those overachievers who needs to have it all, you can opt to order one of three tasting menus ($35-$45 each; $15-$20 for wine pairings).

The menu incorporates elements of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan cuisine. Feeling a little deficient in the protein department? Test drive some Manti, tiny beef-stuffed dough puffs served in garlic yogurt and topped with buttered red pepper sauce. It's available in both appetizer and entree sizes. Traditional options like humus, dolma and kebab are available, of course. Top off your entree with some of Ezme's homemade bread and one (or two or three) of their 20+ internationally sourced wines.

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