New York's Latest Off-Broadway Hit, Altar Boyz Has Come to Bethesda!

For a good laugh, this is the play to see

Altar Boyz, with a name like that you can expect a unique experience. This show quickly stole the hearts of New Yorkers and now comes to Bethesda hoping to steal yours.

You may think that the name of the show gives you a taste of what you can expect, but chances are the show will be entirely different from what you expect! The show takes a comedic look into the lives of a Christian boy band trying to make it in the music world. Think back to the glory days of the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and Hansen when you couldn’t walk down the street without bearing witness to a mirage of walls plastered with the boys’ faces and stickers.

The band consists of Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham; and from their introductions, you will be laughing yourself right out of your seat. Matthew, Jared Zirilli, is the group leader and appears to be the leader in most ways. With a voice that carries most of the songs and melodies, he is unlikely to disappoint. Zirilli definitely steals the show and his leadership with the group is clear both in the plot and on the stage. The talent, however, doesn’t stop there.

Mark, Patrick Elliot, has the voice of an angel and has a surprise solo that will have everyone on the floor laughing.

The singing of the others wasn’t quite as strong, but the dance moves are never-ending. You can look forward to some serious laughs as Abraham, played by David R. Gordon, explores the struggles of being a Jew called by Jesus. Juan (Michael Busillo) and Luke (Travis Morin) add their own unique flair to the show as each character truly explores their own struggles and differences.

The plot isn’t particularly thought-provoking, but there are definitely a few moments that touch the entire crowd. The show highlights so many of the humorous idiosyncrincies of religion, but in a very tasteful manner. All in all, it is a night of family fun that is sure to provide you with an escape from your week at work.

If you are looking for a taste of Broadway, a musical sensation or just some light-hearted fun; look no further than Altar Boyz at Bethesda Theater. It promises to be a toe-tappin’, soul-savin’ evening.

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