Get Your Spritz On! Men Need Cologne for Confidence

Hey, man, how does that spritz make you feel?

- Fragrance is less about the scent and more about how it makes you feel, says a new University of Liverpool study. And then there's this: Men need to first attract themselves before they're able to attract a woman: "When a man changes his natural body odor, it can alter his self-confidence to such an extent that it also changes how attractive women find him." Hear that, boys? Get your spritz on. [Economist via Now Smell This]

Burger King's Flame fragrance is sold out at all Ricky's NYC. Seriously. [Racked]

Robert Pattinson cut off his greasy long locks in favor of a crew cut. We stared at the picture for a while before realizing that this man's sexiness need not rely on his haircut. [Off the Rack/People]

- British writer Sue Carroll asked Santa for a new face, and he gave it to her in the form of a non-surgical face-lift using the injectable gel Juvederm Ultra. The before-and-after shots look like the past twenty years never happened. Way to go, Santa. [Mirror UK]

- The spa Body by Brooklyn is taking These Economic Times into consideration, changing their menu to offer a "recession special," offering couples private rooms for $200, including a bottle of champagne. Relaxing. [NYP]

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