New Teen Series: Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden

D.C. Filmmaker brings her teen years to the small screen

Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager? When high school was your world filled with first crushes, parties without parents and nostalgic music that brings you right back to that first kiss?

Budding filmmaker Otessa Ghadar does, and her fond memories of Sassy Magazine, mix tapes and growing up in Washington, D.C., have now made its way to the screen of your computer.  Her new webisode series, Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden, follows a cast of teenagers during the 1990s and is filmed entirely in and around the District.

Ghadar, a Columbia University film school graduate, started her own production company here in the District, and Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden is her latest project.  

Each voice of OJBG’s 18 cast members was created by Ghadar and includes several different personalities.  It’s easy to discover someone you may have known in high school. There’s the best friend, the jock, the class clown and the most popular girl in class.

The fiercely local dramedy has all the make-ups and break-ups one expects from a teen series. Seven episodes have already been shot and Ghadar is planning to start shooting for her next season this summer. This time she will be looking for some additional roles to fill including actors to play parents to the rambunctious cast of kids.

You can watch the series on and follow them on Twitter at

If you are interested in auditioning for Season Two, you can send a headshot and resume to
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