Mark Segraves

Prosecutors: Video Shows Suspect in Knife Aisle at Giant Before Jogger Stabbed

A D.C. police detective's testimony revealed new details Thursday in the case of a young woman who was stabbed and killed while jogging in Logan Circle.

Wendy Martinez was jogging in the 1400 block of 11th Street NW when a suspect attacked her just before 8 p.m. on Sept. 18, police said.

Surveillance video shows the suspect, Anthony Crawford, was inside a nearby Giant Food store just 20 minutes before the stabbing, the detective said in court. Crawford was in the aisle where the exact same knife as the one found at the murder scene is sold, the detective said.

More video from the street outside the carryout restaurant where Martinez ran for help shows the suspect stabbing Martinez in the back as she tried to run away, the detective said.

Police said they found the knife and the suspect's orange sweater just a few feet from where Martinez was stabbed. The knife had both Martinez's and Crawford's DNA on it, prosecutors said.

Martinez's family and fiance listened to the testimony in court Thursday. Crawford's family was also in court.

Martinez, 35, was an avid runner and Georgetown University graduate who lived in an upscale apartment just three blocks away from where she was killed. She got engaged just a week before her death and recently bought a wedding dress with her mother.

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