Dish Of Salt: Top 10 TV Quotes Of 2008

#10 — “I feel like the blue team should be frolicking in the Garden of Eden but that stupid backstabbing bitch bit the apple and f****d it all up for us!”
-- NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”

The show’s most volatile contestant, Vicky Vilcan, to the cameras after fellow blue team member Amy C. went against the team and voted Vicky’s husband Brady out of the competition.

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# 9 — “Close your legs to married men, Kim! Close your legs to married men! Close your legs to married men!”
-- Bravo’s “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta”

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Housewife Nene’s crazy rant to would-be country star Kim, after she revealed her on-again/off-again mystery man, known on the show as “Big Papa,” wasn’t exactly single. 


#8 — “Excuse me a second. Before we get started, I wanted to tell the stagehands something. Hey, guys? Guys, leave those boxes. I’m not going anywhere!”
-- NBC’s “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”

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Jay Leno in his nightly monologue on the day it was announced he will be staying with NBC for a new 10 PM show, after his “Tonight Show” run ends in 2011.


#7 — “It’s just G now Jack. I sold the E to Samsung. They are now Samesung.”
-- NBC’s “30 Rock”

Devon Banks explaining to Jack Donaghy that he sold the E in GE to Samsung and plans to sell off the whole company.


# 6 — “First song, I loved hearing your lower register, which we never really hear. The second song, I felt like your usual charm was missing for me. It kind of left me a little empty.”
-- FOX’s “American Idol”

Paula Abdul’s bizarre critique in a moment of confusion after she thought she saw contestant Jason Castro sing twice. He had only sung one song. 


#5 – “It’s not sweet. It’s like a disease. I slept with Robin one time and I caught feelings. I caught feelings bad. I used protection and everything!”
-- CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother”

Barney admitting to Lily that he has fallen in love with Robin.


#4 — “I’m one of the Oceanic Six”
-- ABC’s “Lost”

Hurley to police officers putting him in handcuffs after a car chase pursuit. The line revealed that just six Lostees would make it off the Island alive. 


#4 – “Amid all the fireworks on Bastille Day, all I could see was that Chuck Bass-tard”
-- CW’s “Gossip Girl”

The first of many Chuck Bass related puns used by Blair Waldorf this season. 


# 3 — “You were floating about there with the imposing presence of Battlestar Geriatrica”
-- ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars”

Judge Bruno Tonioli to Cloris Leachman on her first night of dancing.


#2 – “I’m f*****g Matt Damon
-- ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Sarah Silverman telling her boyfriend she is leaving him for Matt Damon via music video.


# 1 — “I can see Russia from my house”
-- NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live”

The most memorable line from Tina Fey’s continually pitch perfect impersonations of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

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