”Suck It” Haters Fire Back at Fey

Those message-board posters that Tina Fey told to "suck it" during her Golden Globes acceptance speech had a little something to say about directive.

"Give me something to suck on," said Cougar-Letter, one of the three haters Fey called out Sunday night. The three posters, Cougar-Letter, DianeFan and BabsonLacrosse make regular comments on Tom O'Neil's LA Times entertainment blog, The Envelope.

O’Neil was at the Globes celebration and caught up with Fey after the event to get reaction.

"They just are always against me, Tom,” Fey said.  “Dianefan thinks I have a smug smile and I don't know her, I don't know what I did to her."

For his part, O’Neil apologized for any hurt feelings. After the he posted the video interviews to his blog, DianeFan said “"I'm famous. … Sorry Tina Fey but I still don't think you deserved to win."

Despite the criticism, Fey has had one heck of a year. She was named Associated Press’ Entertainer of the Year; had a successful comedy with “Baby Mama”; won a Golden Globe for “30 Rock” and truly nailed that Sarah Palin impression.

Tina Fey backstage at the Golden Globes.
An official apology for Tina Fey.
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