Arcade Fire, Jay-Z Rock Private Show for Obama Staffers

President Barack Obama told his supporters that they deserve credit for his historic election victory, in part because they didn't know any better.

Obama dropped by a party for his staff Wednesday night to thank them for their two years of work and optimism. He said his supporters simply didn't know that a guy like Obama shouldn't win, that their fundraising model wasn't typical and that the odds were stacked against them.

As if a visit by the mega-watt president weren't enough, word is that uber-popular indie group Arcade Fire and retired rapper Jay-Z played the private affair at The Armory in Washington DC.

Obama told the packed that the supporters should carry the campaign's "Yes We Can" attitude into nonpolitical life. His remarks were also filled with humor, including affectionately calling his staff "kids."

The staff ball was the final inauguration event for Obama, who became president on Tuesday.

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