Farrah Fawcett Walks Out of LA Hospital

Ailing star is doing better and looking forward to Easter at home

Farrah Fawcett walked out of a Los Angeles hospital under her own power last night, her love, Ryan O'Neal at her side -- just days after it was reported that she was drawing near the end in her fight against cancer, People.com reported.

"She's walking and in great in spirits and looking forward to celebrating Easter at home," her physician, Dr. Lawrence Piro said.
O'Neal, her long-time companion who has been with her throughout her ordeal, steadied her as she walked. He kept the mood light holding up a shirt that read "Danger: Chemo Crankiness."

The 62-year-old actress was being treated for internal bleeding that began after she received an experimental treatment in Germany for her on-going battle with cancer. The "Charlie's Angel" star was first diagnosed with cancer in 2006.

Fawcett arrived at the undisclosed L.A. hospital on April 2 for abdominal discomfort, which led to wild rumors about her declining health.

Her inner circle worked to tamp down those reports.

"Farrah is not in a coma and she's never been unconscious," her friend and Alana Stewart told People. "It's unconscionable for these things to be put out. It's so tremendously hurtful to Farrah. It's put her in a panic. But Farrah's spirit is incredible."

Piro said she was a fighter.

"All people who face cancer are brave," he told People, "but Farrah has been especially brave because she has had to battle two burdens at the same time. One is the burden of cancer. The other is the burden of going through the cancer in a very public way. Throughout, Farrah has used something which is a masterful gift of hers, and that's her humor. And positive thinking."

Earlier in the week O'Neal asked fans to "pray for her."

Farrah and Ryan have a son together, Redmond O'Neal, who was charged with a felony count of bringing drugs to a Los Angeles-area jail facility on Tuesday.

Thursday O'Neal was there to take her to a home stocked with her favorite teas and food.

Piro said "she's looking forward to enjoying them."

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