Caylee Anthony Doll: Tribute or Tasteless?

A Florida-based company is walking a thin line between good taste and faux pas with a proposed Caylee Anthony tribute doll.

Showbiz Promotions will begin selling the "The Inspirational Caylee Sunshine" doll Tuesday on its Web site for $29.99. The doll measures 18 inches, sports jeans and a T-shirt with the phrase "CAYLEE SUNSHINE" across it. The song "You are my sunshine" plays when the doll's belly button is touched.

Three-year old Caylee Marie Anthony disappeared in June 2008 and her remains were identified just weeks ago. Her mother is suspected in her murder.

The doll is not a replica of the slain toddler, but a tribute, says company president Jaime Salcedo. Making the doll too similar to Caylee's likeness would have been too morbid, Salcedo tells the Orlando Sentinel.

"We want it to be a tribute," he said.

Salcedo has said that he will donate a portion of the proceeds---likely $3 per doll---to a still unnamed charity.

In case anyone thought that Salcedo was blind to possible public outrage over cashing on the horrific death of a toddler, Salcedo says: "I think that that is going to come up."

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