Blago Gets an iPhone App

Since his December demise, ousted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has slowly made himself into a peice of pop-culture populism.

He made his way onto just about every talk show known to man. He inspired a play at Second City and thousands are sporting the Blago hair-do (ok, not really, but wouldn't that be great?)

But now the ex-Gov. has got his own iPhone app. iPhone has approved the game, Pay2Play for release on its phones and iPod touch devices. It sells for $1.99. 

The Blagojevich-inspired game, is modeled after older drug-dealing strategy game called DopeWars.

In Pay2Play, users begin the game as a governor mired in debt, facing down an impeachment hearing just 30 days away. They must gather as much cash as they can by participating in shady political dealings such as buying and selling Senate seats.

Game author Juan "J" Rubio says that he will update the game with the latest corruption-related news as it comes. Is a Burris game next?

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