Zagat Ranks the Best Fast Food

In & Out, Subway take home top honors

Burger King fans, step aside -- In & Out's taken the gold medal in the Fast Food Olympics.

Zagat stepped off its ritzy dining pedestal this week to rank the country's best fast food options, telling readers where to get the highest-quality greasy grub.

In & Out topped the Zagat list in the "Best Burger" category, beating McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's, while Subway took the crown as the best-tasting "Mega Chain."

Starbucks narrowly beat Dunkin' Donuts for the best coffee options, while McDonald's was honored for having the best value, giving customers the best eats on the cheap.

Bakery chain Panera Bread topped the Zagat list in the Best Salad category and was named the best "Large Chain" restaurant nationwide.

Zagat surveyed just over 6,100 participants to create the rankings, asking surveyors to eat at the fast-food establishments and give a numerical rank and description of their experience.

"If mayonnaise were currency, these guys could fund the bailout," one customer grumbled about a mayo-heavy burger.

"My children loved it when they were younger, but now they have taste buds," another joked in the survey.

The annual fast-food rankings are released each summer by Zagat.

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