“Slumdog” Guys Give $750K to Mumbai Kids

Filmmakers to help kids from slums

The "Slumdog Millionaire" filmmakers are giving back to their Mumbai community -- in cold, hard cash.

The masterminds behind Oscar winner "Slumdog Millionaire" have donated nearly $750,000 to a Mumbai, India, charity dedicated to helping children raised in the slums.

"Having benefited so much from the hospitality of the people of Mumbai it is only right that some of the success of the movie be plowed back into the city in areas where it is needed most and where it can make a real difference to some lives," said director Danny Boyle.

The $747,500 raised by the producers will go to Plan, whose aim is to help educate 5,000 slum kids in the next five years.

The "Slumdog Millionaire" filmmakers got flack for initially dumping the movie's child stars -- real-life slum dwellers in India -- back into their dirty Mumbai digs without giving financial support.

A trust fund has since been developed for Rubina Ali, 9, and Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, 10, and trustees will ensure that the pair get a good education and have adequate housing, filmmakers said Thursday.

"Slumdog Millionaire," the story of a slum kid who wins money and fame on a television game show, raked in eight Oscars, including Best Picture, and has earned $200 million worldwide.

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