Pacino to Play Dr. Death

Actor will suit up as Dr. Jack Kevorkian

Actor Al Pacino is set to play killer physician Dr. Jack Kevorkian in an HBO pic that'll be released later this year, Variety reported.

The film will be helmed by "Rain Man" director Barry Levinson and will follow Kevorkian from his construction of right-to-die contraption the "Mercy Machine"  through his years of assisted suicide.

It'll also focus on the controversy surrounding Kevorkian's euthanasia campaigns, particularly the media firestorm that followed the scandalous doc as he helped patients end their own lives.

Pacino is famous for his gun-toting gangster turns in "The Godfather," "Scent of a Woman," "Frankie and Johnny" and "Scarface."

The Kevorkian film's supporting cast and title have yet to be decided.

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